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party songs 2

I sometimes get asked to sing when I'm at gatherings or parties. Something that I'm surprisingly shy about, for someone who sings constantly and frequently in front of many people. But what I sing usually does not translate well to "sing for us Emily we're having a jolly time and would like to continue our merriment after listening to you sing a song that we all know and love" because you know, I tend to sing opera.

However there are some songs that I do sing I most usually sing when asked and I have little time to think this little snipit of a jazz song.

What I sing the most (because everyone always asks for it) is the Ballad of Penny Evans. I learned it from listening to Steve Goodman. I always want to cry when I hear it, however you can't cry when you sing. So somehow singing it has taken something away from it for me, but perhaps added something as well....

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